About Us

The Owner of Surfin Souvlaki has over 55 years of very successful restaurant experience. Also, we are directly from the motherland of Greece. Our goal is to offer authentic Greek food with “a twist”.

The two colors of the Greek flag symbolize the blue of the Hellenic Sea and the whiteness of its restless waves! We at Surfin Souvlaki wanted to link the uniqueness of Greece’s surrounding Sea with the very signifigant “surf” scene of Southern California. Thus, Surfin’ Souvlaki.

What is a souvlaki you ask? Basically, it parallels to the hamburger for us in America. The souvlaki is a very popular Greek fast-food item that is normally small pieces of grilled meat on a skewer. It may be served on a skewer, in a pita sandwich with garnishes and sauces, or on a dinner plate. Surfin’ Souvlaki bases its menu on the souvlaki with “a twist” then expands into other items frequently found in Greece’s restaurants. All of our ingredients are from the finest sources grown or raised in California.

The “Mediterranean diet” is known for healthy eating habits. The ORIGINAL MEDITERRANEAN DIET is based on the traditional dietary patterns from the Greek island of Crete and other parts of Greece and southern Italy. Leading nutrition experts worldwide claim the diet increases life expectancy and protect against heart disease and cancer. The major ingredients to the Mediterranean diet are olive oil and oregano; lots of which we use in almost every item on our menu. This healthy diet goes far beyond the use of particular ingredients in our recipes. It also attains full meaning from the climate of Greece, the geography, Greek customs, and the way of life of Mediterranean people. In Greece, we eat healthy and enjoy life by hard work and socializing, often times to the wee hours of the morning. Thus the theory, “laughter brings life to the spirit”.

We are proud to have recently won the award: Best Mediterranean Restaurant in Orange County by Fox 11 News two years straight !!

For more info Call Us at: 949-365-0550

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